Member of the Walloon Equisfair cluster

The Walloon equestrian cluster

Being a member of the Walloon equestrian cluster means being part of a group of companies specializing in the equestrian sector in Wallonia, and representing it beyond our borders.

EquisFair was created in February2019. We have 8 founding membersand around 25 adhering memberswhich are active in various areas:feed, breeding, infrastructuredevelopment, fences, careproducts, biotechnology,pharmaceutical, communication,transport, event organization,applications…

Our Cluster is aimed at allcompanies, research and trainingentities, academic bodies,equestrian federations, schools…as long as they are linked to horsesand Wallonia.

Our goal is to helpall of these players developexisting networks and create newpartnerships in the sector, atnational and international levels.

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