Recently, “Mini Stable” was born and we are very excited to share it with you!


This is our little miniature stable, with our 2 little ponies, Chocapic and Milkyway, taken in to give them a better life.


Etalon de 9 ans


Hongre de +- 9 ans

Why ?

We have always wanted to improve the well being of the equids by observing them, analyzing their behavior, possibly testing facilities or equipment,…

And for that, what could be better than having your animals as close as possible? 🫶

How ?

The dream of having our own stable, we have had it for years… but it is not so simple as project.

So we transformed our big garden (which we did not enjoy and which was for us a chore to maintain!) into a mini stable.

Our first wish was to offer our ponies a life where they decide where they want to go. Outside ? inside ? it’s up to them to judge where they feel best, day or night.

It has always been believed that horses are not very happy locked in a box.

Although they still need to be able to take shelter at times, they like to roam, graze and be free.

We quickly built a shelter with recycled wood. On the ground, honeycombed tiles to stabilize and flax straw as bedding for a comfort 5

All around the tiles to avoid having slush in the places where they trample the most.

And then, freedom!

From our house, we can see them when they are in the meadow. However, some corners were not visible and once the blinds were closed or after dark, they were no longer visible.

That’s why we installed cameras in different strategic places to be able to better observe them and analyze their behaviors, including at night.

Also at the entrance of the shelter, a camera is fixed in order to be able to see when they take refuge there and what they do.

Already, at this stage, a lot of ideas come to us: a multitude of things to observe, of parameters to take into account to analyze them, etc…

and therefore lots of projects for our MiniStable!

Some projects 🙂

  • Place a connected watering can: to record who drinks, how much, and does this amount vary a lot depending on the weather? Depending on their physical activity
  • Equip Chocapic & Milkyay with sensors (on them) that would allow us to retrieve different information (number of steps, position, heart rate,…)
  • Connected scale integrated to their living space for a regular and spontaneous weighing

This is just the beginning. The projects will surely grow with time and observations but the main idea is to collect a maximum of coherent information in our MiniStable to be able to propose products and services later via KATAKLOP.


Première visite du dentiste

Plus d’infos sur notre projet de recherche,cliquez ici Retour sur cette visite pour Milkyway & Chocapic Suis crevé moi 💤💤💤 Après l’installation terminée,

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Our cameras

La cabane

La terrasse

Prairie 1 (1ière partie)

Prairie 1 (2ième partie)

Our KATAKLOP IN system is connected to our cameras and detects the presence of a horse on the image.

An improvement of the system for several horses on several cameras is under development…

Meadows 2 and 3 as well as some viewpoints will be equipped with cameras soon