After many months of studying and after monitoring and analyzing thousands of test images, Kataklop IN will allow you to monitor your horse in its stall from your smartphone wherever you are.

Kataklop IN is just an app to download (no devices sold, you just need to connect it to your camera). It is intuitive, easy to use and self-learning, meaning that the more you use it, the more precise it gets.

All horse lovers agree on one thing: everyday obligations mean that we never spend enough time with our horses.

Having access to images of them when they are alone in their stalls can allow us to maintain our connection in a different way and to feel more at ease when we leave them. It can also help us discover how they behave, rest, if they are agitated etc.

Other criteria can also be taken into account to refine the analysis: what is the weather like, did they leave their stalls ? Did someone ride them? Are they ill? …

With time and as images are analyzed, their daily habits become more precise and we can consider those to be their individual behavior which can then be used as a reference to better assess whether they behave differently at some point. It can for instance save valuable time when they first start showing signs of colics…. If you haven’t had the chance to visit them today yet, an accelerated Replay of their last hours in their stalls can be displayed to make sure you haven’t missed a thing.

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Live of KATAKLOP horses

You own stables with many camera-equipped stalls?

 The Kataklop IN app and its dashboard allow you to have an overview of your horses and therefore act quickly in case of unusual behavior, whether the “issue” is individual or widespread.

For instance, if the app detects 5 horses being agitated, it could mean that something is bothering them in the stall – you are alerted and can then make a decision about whether to react or not if it is not worrying